Discover how David & Melissa transformed their website design agency by closing sales at DOUBLE and TRIPLE the price in just 2 weeks...

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3:00 3 Critical Mistakes That Were Keeping David & Melissa From Their Goals

3:57  Single Most Important Shift They Made To Transform Their Business

4:50  Profit Inducing Action That Changed The Game

11:15 How They Doubled & Tripled Their Price To Make More Money In A Few Weeks Than They Had In The Previous Year

21:00 Secret Sabotage The Most Business Owners Do Without Realizing It

23:10 Profit Killing Entrepreneurial Trap #1

30:45  Why Your Website Is Broken & How To Fix It

33:00  The #1 Thing You Must Do Before You Build Your First Product Or Course

36:30  Why Spending So Much Time On Social Media Isn't Growing Your Business

41:07  The Number One Reason Most Facebook™ Ads Fail

44:38  Why Working For Free Only Hurts Your Customer 

49:25  What The Entrepreneurial Ferris Wheel Is & How It Destroys Businesses

54:30  The Secret Reason You Keep Taking Course After Course After Course

59:10  The Two Biggest Problems With Today's Gurus

1:05:00  How To Get Off The Entrepreneurial Ferris Wheel By Doing The Only Thing That Actually Matters

1:07:00  What Really Happens If You Stay On The Ferris Wheel

1:11:00 The Unstoppable Business Formula - 5 Simple Steps To Growth

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